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Spinach or Leek Pita — A homemade flaky filo crust surrounding a tasty spinach/leek, egg, and cheese filling.
❆ One whole pita contains twelve 4" x 4" pieces and costs $40.00.
❆ One half pita contains six 4" x 4" pieces and costs $20.00.
Holiday Bread — A loaf of sweet bread made especially for the holidays. It is kneaded, left to rise many time to produce a fine texture. and then braded into a round loaf. $15.00 a loaf.
Baklava — A delicate filo pastry layered with a sweet walnut filling. 6 pieces for $8.00
Koulourakia — Braided butter cookies topped with sesame seeds. $5.00/dozen.
Kouroubias — A butter tea cookie covered with powdered sugar that melts in your mouth. $8.00/dozen.

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